First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Vancouver, BC

Mortgage Broker Chris Adkins has 15 years of experience providing mortgage advice to first time home buyers across the Okanagan Valley, Whistler, Kelowna, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Vancouver.

I Want To Buy My First Home

You're about to take a big step and we'll give you the facts your bank won't tell you about financing your first purchase. Beginning with a consultation to understand your needs, we'll help you find out how much you can afford before you go house hunting, this will keep you focused on shopping for homes within your price range. No matter your financial situation, we help you find the best rates available and present the best mortgage options available to help you buy your first home.

Why Do I Need a Mortgage Broker?

Many people ask what the benefits of using a mortgage broker over a bank are to finance your first home purchase. If you are aren’t aware of the role mortgage brokers serve in the home buying process, you could be leaving your hard earned money out of equation when it comes time to buy. Here are four reasons why you need the services of a mortgage broker:

1. Lowest Rates

With access to multiple lenders that banks don’t worth with, mortgage brokers have access to rates that aren’t promoted widely, and are significantly less than those promoted by banks or credit unions. These lender’s rates and mortgages can only be provided through the services of a mortgage broker.  

2. Access To Rates

Because mortgage brokers have pre-existing relationships with lenders, you can be sure that any lender we work with will be vetted to ensure the utmost professionalism. We are able to negotiate on your behalf and help you achieve the most buying power possible when taking your financial situation into account.

3. Banks Make Money Off Fees

It’s no secret that banks make a huge portion of their profits simply from charging users fees, and negotiating rates that benefit them first. Choosing a bank for your first mortgage puts you at risk of harsher prepayment penalties for breaking your mortgage early, as well as higher interest rates, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars over the span of your mortgage.  

4. Your Partner

Mortgage brokers are on your team. The services of a mortgage broker are free to you, this is because mortgage brokers are paid by the lenders who grant you your mortgage. When we negotiate on your behalf, it is our mandate to provide you with the lowest rates possible and increase your buying power.